Jennifer Coolidge had a very good 2021. She was simultaneously sympathetic and villainous in “The White Lotus,” disgruntled and bitter in the under-appreciated indie “Swan Song” with Udo Kier. And in Netflix’s “Single All the Way,” she was the comedy MVP of a queer Christmas rom-com, shouting at children in a holiday pageant called “Jesus H. Christ,” and delivering an already immortal bit of dialogue: “[The gays] are always obsessed with me.” She’s right. We are. And we’re trying to be patient with the development process of her upcoming project, “Legally Blonde 3,” where she’ll revive the role of Paulette. In a recent interview, Reese Witherspoon deflected in the direction of screenwriter Mindy Kaling as the real person to ask the big “WHEN” question, meaning that Kaling is hard at work making a script happen and everybody relax. (We’ll try.) In the meantime look for Coolidge in 2022 in queer director Christopher Landon’s comedy, “We Have a Ghost” with David Harbour, Anthony Mackie and Tig Notaro.