If you saw last year’s lesbian Christmas rom-com “Happiest Season” (you did) and you loved it (ehhh… maybe) and wanted more from Aubrey Plaza’s extremely cool character “Riley” (you super really totally did), then here’s a bit of news that is officially not official: there might be a sequel. The reason it’s unofficial is because it comes from a TikTok video taken in a bookstore where Plaza was signing copies of her children’s book “The Legend of The Christmas Witch.” In the video Plaza speaks freely (Openly wishing? Assigning her own production green light? Casting an occult spell?) about how there’s going to be a sequel and how it’s because her character deserves some love.

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Riley does indeed need more screen time and lady-affection and we clamor for that sequel. So for now we’re going to run with this and assume Plaza is to be taken more seriously than any single moment when she’s been interviewed on anyone’s talk show and delivering every answer with a wink. Please, Christmas Witch, come through.