You may recall hearing about the “Ammons Haunting” of 2011, in which an Indiana family allegedly tormented by demons consulted a priest to perform exorcisms. The story made news because official entities like the Department of Child Services, the police, and various healthcare workers apparently were witnesses. And now, after a major bidding war, Lee Daniels is planning to bring the as-yet-untitled film version of the sensational story to Netflix. Cast is already set: Academy Award nominee Andra Day (“The United States vs. Billie Holiday”) will star alongside Octavia Spencer, Glenn Close, Rob Morgan, Caleb McLaughlin and Aunjanue Ellis. Production is set for mid-2022, and expect some freaky special effects, as the story involves, Linda Blair-style, kids levitating and walking backwards up the walls. Say what you want about Satan being evil, but he’s mostly a stunt queen.