Joey Diamond (L), Jace M (R)

I’m relatively new to Miami, but I’ve gotten so much support as an artist here,” reflects Filipino pop singer Joey Diamond. “I love the vibe and the people down here and have made a lot of new friends, including Jace M!”

He and the internationally renowned DJ/producer have joined forces with a re-imagining of *NSYNC favorite “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” a track that Joey Diamond will debut live, October 8th at Hunter’s Nightclub. We caught up with both of them in a Miami recording studio.

Were you an *NSYNC fangirl? 

Joey: It’s no secret that I was. Justin Timberlake was my favorite. He was the center of the band, the one who dominated. Like him, I’m the type to take the initiative in a group setting.

Jace: I, too, was definitely a fangirl of *NSYNC but more for Lance. I’ve met him a few times and I love his energy. I also respect his advocacy work.

Did you go into this project wanting to re-introduce the band to a new club generation?

Joey: For me, it was about reintroducing the song. I think it’s timeless.

What do you say to those who criticize boyband music as fluff?

Joey: Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, if those who criticize took the time to listen to the lyrics from the boy bands, they might hear something that resonates with them.

Jace: No matter how you feel about boybands, when you hear “Tearin’ Up My Heart” on the dancefloor, you are compelled to sing along. I watch from the booth and most people do!

How did you make the song your own?

Joey: By changing some words, like girl to boy. Also, we changed it to a disco house vibe and enlisted some of the best circuit DJs to put their own spin on the record!

Has Lance given his stamp of approval to the track?

Jace: I don’t know if he’s heard it, but he did start following me and some of the remixers on Instagram so I hope he likes it!

Jace, will you be at Joey’s show at Hunters?

Jace: I’m not spinning but I’ll be there in the crowd to support Joey!


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