From House of Gucci to House of Lagerfeld, Jared Leto is making it fashion again. He’s co-producing, alongside members of Karl Lagerfeld’s creative team, a biopic about the life of the legendary German fashion designer, who became internationally famous when he stepped in to revive the Chanel label in the 1980s. The idiosyncratic designer’s life — he died at age 85 in 2019 — was, as one might guess, glittery and full of famous friends, so a biopic could go in any number of directions. As Leto’s production company searches for a director to take on the project, the storyline is still strictly confidential, and so far all we know is that Leto will play Lagerfeld. This makes us happy, because after the actor’s wild “House of Gucci” performance where he competed for scene-stealing-status with Gaga’s outfits, and the wacky-bad “Morbius,” we’re more or less ready for him to do anything. And it seems like he will.