Are you watching “Heartbreak High” yet? That’s Netflix’s reboot of the popular ’90s Australian TV series about a group of friends who find out that their respective sexual experiences have been scrawled, pictorially, on a bathroom wall. The social fallout that ensues forms the basis for enough teen drama per episode to rival an entire season of “Degrassi.” Well, it was a runaway hit, placing in Netflix’s top 10, so a second season just got the go-ahead.

The cast represents a range of gender/racial/ethnic/neurodivergent identities, and queer audiences in particular should take note that the characters reflect a variety of LGBTQ+ experience. In other words, narrative media is finally making an effort to include all of our stories, and when it’s done well, we all win. “Heartstopper” got you hooked? Add this one to your watch list.