The trans community has been under a barrage of hate for years now and, if this week’s election results are any indication, things aren’t getting any better any time soon. In this week’s SFGN, in recognition of November as Trans Awareness Month, I focus on the trans community and the near-term future. This past Friday, I attended the State of Trans gathering in Fort Lauderdale. A panel of speakers, including friends of the show Rajee Nar-ang-sing and Nik Harris, discussed the challenges, successes, and heart breaking losses after more hate-fueled murders, victims killed just because they’re trans.

I also have a long interview with TransInclusive Group founder, Tatiana Williams. She told me, “Anxiety is absolutely increasing during this difficult time. This current climate, with the Board of Medicine working on making new rules to restrict gender affirming care in Florida, trans people are existing in a place of uncertainty.” You can read some of her interview in the print edition of SFGN, and the entire interview online.