Dear Andreus,

I really like someone, but he is freshly out of a relationship.  We have been spending some time together and the more time I spend with him, the more I like him.  I am just afraid of becoming a rebound. At the same time, I am afraid that if I wait too long, someone else might come along.  Any advice on this?


Joel P.

Dear Joel,

Tread very carefully. You are right – you don’t want to be the rebound.  When breakups take place, there should always be some time to reflect and to heal.  Certainly, spend time, but don’t push.  If you are concerned about what to do, just be present and let him take the lead.  If conversations come up about things going further, then talk it out and express your concerns about not wanting to become the rebound.  If it is meant to be,  it will happen organically.