Everyone’s favorite porn patriot, Stormy Daniels, has a new gig. The former adult film actress, known for her brave public battles with a former Republican President, is going to host a lighthearted reality show for queer men called “For the Love of DILFS.” Now, if you need to Google what a DILF is, then you should do that, but in the press materials her job on the competition series will be to play “den mother to a bunch of Daddies.” Set in a “Bachelor”-style mansion, a group of men-who-love-men, divided into the somewhat reductive categories of “Daddies” and “Himbos,” will live together and look for love. Will the Daddies fall only for Himbos? Will the Himbos hook up with each other instead? These are the important issues certain to be explored when the eight-episode game show premieres on the OUTtv platform in early 2023. And you know we’re going to watch.