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The Raymond F Kravis Center for the Performing Arts presents a new musical comedy – “Here You Come Again: How Dolly Saved My Life in 12 Easy Songs.” Written by Bruce VilanchGabriel Barre and Tricia Paoluccio, Here You Come Again features songs by Dolly Parton (and others).

Touching and rollickingly funny, “Here You Come Again” is a musical celebration of the humor and wit of Dolly Parton. In this sweet two-hander, Dolly Parton appears to a struggling NYC comedian quarantining in his parents’ Texas attic after a break-up. Dolly uses her trademark charm to guide Kevin as he rediscovers hope in a trying time. They sing and swap stories—and while hand sanitizer may be scarce, laughter and rhinestones are not. Bruce Vilanch adds, “there isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to spend the night with Dolly Parton — in our show, one lucky fan gets to do it…in his mind. Come see Dolly Parton save a life in 12 easy songs.”

Vilanch and Barre last teamed up in 2018 on Delaware Theatre Company’s acclaimed A Sign of The Times. “It has been a thrill to develop this show with the fabulous Bruce Vilanch and the transformative Tricia Paoluccio as Dolly, and most of all with the blessing and support of Dolly Parton!” said director Gabriel Barre.

A couple weeks before the show premieres in South Florida I sat down with Tricia for this exclusive Hotspots interview:

At what age did you begin performing?

I have always loved singing and I first fell in love with singing because of Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again.” I fell in love with that song and her voice, and I wanted to sing it like her. I basically copied what I heard, so I really learned how to sing because of Dolly Parton. 

What was your first professional gig?

When I moved to New York my first big job was understuding Brittany Murphy in Arthur Millers “A View from the Bridge.” I did that show for a year and played the part many times. 

Other than this one, what has been your favorite role so far?

Nothing compares to this role and this opportunity to play my favorite person. The truth is I am the kind of actor that loves every part I am playing at the time. Cressida in Troilus and Cressida    is a 4-hour Shakespeare play that is rarely done. I believe I was the worst I have ever been in the beginning of that run and the best at the end, so as an actor I loved that part. I have been lucky as an actor to play many things: Comedy, drama, musicals, etc.

What’s your fantasy role (a role you haven’t played but want to)?

I don’t think I have one, accept this one…getting to play Dolly. 

Have you ever met Dolly Parton? If yes, how was that; if no, what would be the first thing you would ask her?

No, but I hope to get to meet her in Nashville when we are performing there this May. I would ask her if there was anything I can do to embody her message or spirit more. Also, I would ask her if there was any way we could borrow one or two of her wigs? 

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Creative, energetic, and spiritual. 

What do you do for fun?

I am an artist and I make pressed flower art. During the pandemic my art really took off. It was an incredible pivot for me and my art. I did a collaboration with Oscar De La Renta. I also did the artwork for Taylor Swift and Anna Wintour. This is my other passion. 

What should our readers expect from “Here You Come Again: How Dolly Saved My Life in 12 Easy Songs? 

This show is a little dose of joy, and it is funny, and it is full of hope, and I believe has a really healing message. That message is, that all of us have the opportunity to overcome a sad hard time. It does require humility and to let go of who we are. It reminds people that everything you have is within you and you must let go, be humble, and look for the good. The show has a spiritual component and I think that’s why Dolly herself approved of the show. And if you love Dolly Parton music, it’s like going to a concert.


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Here You Come Again will play at the Kravis Center’s Marshall E. Rinker, Sr.  Playhouse from December 28 through December 31. Tickets start at $45 and are available at the Kravis Center Box Office and online at To buy tickets, call the Kravis Center Box Office at (561) 832-7469 during regular box office hours Monday through Saturday from Noon to 5 p.m.

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