The Central Bucks School Board in Pennsylvania just instituted a policy banning teachers from expressing personal political opinions with their words or with visual elements in the classroom. It was decided following a 6-3 vote and extensive debate. Policy 321 will be amended to prohibit teachers from displaying items such as Pride flags and Black Lives Matter signs along with MAGA hats or any other items which could be considered politically influenced. The original 2018 version of Policy 321 restricted teachers from participating in political events during school hours, but visual displays will also be included. Central Bucks County is located just north of Philadelphia. The school board listened to two hours of public comment, including numerous strong opinions from parents, teachers, and students who supported or condemned the new policy. Board Member Tabitha Dell’Angelo said, “The conversation we had at the policy meeting was hot. I sincerely hope my fellow board members listen with an open heart…this policy also includes language that I’ve said out loud. We should be teaching how to think, not what to think.” Opponents are calling the policy a form of censorship. As per CBS News Philadelphia, Heather Reynolds, one of the parents said, “I’m concerned as a parent, I’m concerned as a community member. The decisions that the district is making have a real-world impact on our students and our community.”