Kit Connor’s had quite a year. The 19-year-old British actor experienced the darker side of internet fandom when he found himself coming out as bisexual after overly entitled internet “fans” with no boundaries demanded that he declare his sexuality or be denounced as baiting queer audiences. Silver lining: then he won his first Emmy award for his role as a bisexual teenager on the wildly popular Netflix series “Heartstopper.” Now the rising star is about to film “One of Us,” a horror mystery from first time writer-director Stefan van de Graaff. An allegorical story, it involves a funeral at which family members begin dying one by one, and youngest member Connor has to sort out why. Currently shooting in Belfast, the film co-stars ’90s “SNL” alum Siobhan Fallon-Hogan and “Game of Thrones” cast member Ian Beattie. Look for it later this year.