(L) Host Proud Bator, (M) GayHeaux, (R) YourGirlfriend

May is Masturbation Month and once again, BateWorld.com is celebrating it with The Great BateWorld BateOff!, the reality-type show that pits the world leading  ‘bators’ against one another.  They are all fighting for the coveted title of Master Bator.

The new season launches today with new episodes airing every Thursday until the live grand finale on June 22.

Last year’s winner, ProudBator, will host with seven new competitors, including Tampa’s own GayHeauxBatorMutt from Laveen, AZ; TheCockyPrince from McAllen, TX; ColbyJaxxx from Kaukauna, WI;  Mexican Gooner from México City, México; PopperNate from St Louis, MO; and BateOff’s first non-binary competitor, YourGirlfriend, hailing from the Windy City of Chicago.

Weekly challenges will include “mirror bating”, “toy technique”, “self-milking”, “buddy bate”, and the “hands-free orgasm.”  Episodes are free to watch on BateWorld.com.

“The Great BateWorld BateOff! is to the bating community what RuPaul’s Drag Race is to drag,” says TheCockyPrince, age 26.  His strategy for winning will be keeping viewers on the edge by overloading their senses with stimulating content packed with triggering sounds and trippy, psychedelic visuals.

Bator Mutt is excited to showcase his unique approach to being a bator, and how it interplays with his identity as a pup.

Mexican Gooner, age 35, is eager to represent the Latino community in The Great BateWorld BateOff!.  24-year-old Colby Jaxx thinks his “goon” faces, energy and charm will play to his advantage in the competition, and 35-year-old Popper Nate has some very impressive long-distance skills that he thinks Bators will enjoy watching.

Gay Heaux, 25, is relying on his relatable personality and the fact that he is well-endowed.

“This year’s competition is especially stiff,” says host ProudBator with a smirk. His advice to every contestant is to remember to have fun and to enjoy themselves.

Viewers are able to vote for their favorite bator in The Great BateWorld BateOff! every week.  The final winner will be revealed during the series’ finale, streaming live on BateWorld.com on June 22.