The owner of Houston’s only lesbian bar says her business is in jeopardy after it was denied insurance coverage, and she’s putting the blame, in part, on an anti-drag bill moving through the Texas Legislature.

Mabry has insurance through December but decided to switch agents a few months ago and shop around for a new policy. During that process, her agent received the denial email, which the agent then sent to Mabry.

She added that the drag show issue was the first item mentioned in the email, which outlined the reasons why the underwriter did not feel comfortable insuring the bar.

Mabry, who opened Pearl Bar in 2013, said the current political climate fueled her situation. She encouraged followers of the Pearl Bar Instagram account to contact their legislators about anti-LGBTQ bills in the state, including one that would restrict drag shows on public property, on the premises of a commercial enterprise, or in the presence of a child.

Pearl Bar is one of about two dozen lesbian bars left in the U.S. and one of only two in Texas, the other being Sue Ellen’s in Dallas. Mabry hopes Texas will not be left with just a lone lesbian bar.