Elliot Page has wrapped production in Canada on his next film, “Close to You,” his first starring role in a narrative feature since 2017’s remake of “Flatliners.” The Academy Award-nominated actor and star of TV’s “The Umbrella Academy” stars alongside Hillary Baack (“Sound of Metal”) in the drama from BAFTA-winning writer-director Dominic Savage (“I Am…”), and the minimalist plot description conceals more than it reveals. Page plays Sam, a man who experiences a chance encounter with an old friend while on his way home to a family reunion he doesn’t want to attend. From that moment on he has to deal with the ramifications of that meeting. We’re intrigued, and more than that, we’re thrilled to see Page getting back to the big screen where we first met him. While we wait for this one to hit theaters we’ll be reading “Pageboy,” his amazing memoir of being queer in Hollywood and summoning the courage to come out as transgender.