In today’s Queer News Tonight PrideFête special edition, we are joined by anchors who are in one way or another connected to the LGBTQ+ Caribbean Prides in South Florida. Wilton Manors is getting ready to celebrate PrideFête, an LGBTQ+ Caribbean festival that honors the music, food, and spirit of Caribbean culture in a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. The festival is organized in partnership with Hotspots, WMEG, Happening Out, and Pride Fort Lauderdale, with the City of Wilton Manors as the Partner. On the occasion of the event, the intersection of Caribbean Queer People is coming to South Florida to live the life, culture, and values they stand by. Intersectionality is the recognition that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination and oppression. By taking into account people’s overlapping identities in terms of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, and more, we can better understand the complex prejudices they face.

According to Rainbow Railroad, over 40% of calls for help escaping a homophobic or transphobic country come from the Caribbean. Point Community College Scholar Akaysha Garvey is helping and advocating for such immigrants. Garvey is a Black, Transgender, First-generation Immigrant Student in Florida. PrideFete helps focus all of these issues and celebrate the diversity of the Caribbean and our LGBTQ+ community. PrideFête Festival begins on Saturday, August 12, and brings us a month of fun and diverse Caribbean events from Pre and Post Parties to Gallery Exhibits, Television shows, and more! It is a must-attend celebration of inclusion and love, something we all need right now!