Grindr might not be the first place that springs to mind for job hunting, but around a quarter of users say they’re not just on the app for sex – they’re also using it to network. The LGBTQ+ dating app is certainly best known for helping horny queer men find quick hookups, but even Grindr’s CEO says he’s used the app to scout out new employees. George Arison told the Wall Street Journal that he has personally hired or had a professional relationship with several people he met over the years on the app. The queer social networking app surveyed its users and found that approximately 25 percent of the users say that one of their key activities on Grindr is to network. There’s no denying that the app is built to facilitate a quick hookup. There’s an option to be open to NSFW pictures, and users can share useful info, like whether they are a top, bottom, or side, and whether they are looking for someone right now. Still, there’s more to the app than sex, as users connect over all sorts of things – including job opportunities. What makes it special is other dating apps don’t take so kindly to the prospect of mixing business with pleasure. Tinder has community guidelines that advise users to make personal connections, not business ones.