Gay and bisexual men stay sexually vibrant well into their 70s, if not beyond. A study that found this result was intended to shed light on the spread of Mpox, which was conducted by researchers under the auspices of a British university. The study solicited information about the sex lives of more than 5,000 British people, with about a fifth of the total representing men who have sex with men (MSM). So, who are the gold medalists – and the distance runners – in the sexual Olympics? The results were mind-boggling! The gay and bi guys surveyed were staying more sexually active longer than people in the heterosexual categories– and these gay and bi people also had more sexual partners, what the study called “concurrency. Seventeen percent of MSM over the age of 70 reported more than one recent partner in the most recent three weeks. By contrast, two percent of straight people over 70 reported multiple partners. The study titled “The relationship between age and sex partner counts during the mpox outbreak in the UK, 2022” noted that with increased age, there is a constant decline in partner count was evident in heterosexual partnerships but MSM were much more likely to have higher concurrency at all ages, and to be more sexually active at age 65+ than heterosexuals.