Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating cinema as Wednesday, October 26th, marks an extraordinary day at the Outshine Film Festival. In Fort Lauderdale, multiple locations come alive with ‘Cocktails & Cinema,’ offering you a unique opportunity to experience two incredible films.

First, make your way to Silverspot Coconut Creek for ‘The Baby,’ a heartwarming submission from France. This touching story follows Joseph, who, after the tragic loss of his son Emmanuel and fiancé Jochaim, embarks on a journey to track down their surrogate. His mission? To ensure the surrogate and the baby are well cared for. Through this process, Joseph not only takes care of the baby but also forms a powerful connection with the surrogate and, most importantly, his late son. ‘The Baby’ is a testament to the enduring bonds of love and family.

Next, head to Fort Lauderdale and Gateway Theater for ‘Febrero (or February),’ a special submission from Cuba. This film was honored with the Miami Film Festival Knight Award for Best Film Made in Miami. On her 64th birthday, Zoe, a Cuban exiled widow, is about to become a grandmother. Her day takes an unexpected turn when Helena, her childhood best friend, pays a surprise visit after more than 40 years. As they reconnect through songs, letters, and memories from the past, a long-held secret comes to light, leading them to reconsider their relationship in ways they never imagined. This reunion will forever change their lives, making ‘Febrero’ a captivating exploration of friendship and revelation.