First up, from Canada, we have ‘Solo,’ a story of Simon, a young emerging drag queen in Montreal. He’s drawn into a passionate but complicated romance with Olivier while reuniting with his estranged mother, Claire, whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. ‘Solo’ is a touching, tender, and funny exploration of self-discovery and the importance of being true to yourself.

Next, ‘Cora Bora’ from the USA takes you on a journey with Cora, a struggling musician navigating an open relationship. When she returns to Portland to win her girlfriend back, she discovers that her love life isn’t the only thing that needs saving. This clever and genuinely touching film is a unique twist on the rom-com genre.

From Sweden, ‘Opponent’ is a film festival favorite. It follows the story of Iman, an Iranian living in Sweden with his family in refugee hostels. He resumes his wrestling career to secure residence permits for his family. As rumors swirl, Iman’s fears and suppressed desires begin to unravel, posing questions about his duty to his family. This psychological drama is a powerful exploration of identity and family bonds.

Finally, ‘Al-ma-mu-la (Carnal Sin)’ from Argentina takes you into a world of horror and intrigue. Fleeing homophobic attacks, Nino moves to a rural house in a forest haunted by Al-ma-mu-la, a mysterious entity that punishes those who commit carnal sins. In this world of unspoken desires, Nino’s curiosity and impulses surface, leading to a captivating tale of suspense.