Campus Pride Unveils Best of the Best for LGBTQ+ Students! Explore the latest Campus Pride “Best of the Best” list for LGBTQ+ students, showcasing colleges and universities dedicated to creating safe and inclusive environments. Campus Pride founder Shane Windmeyer discusses the importance of informed choices in pursuing higher education for the LGBTQ+ community.

Top Picks Across the Nation: Discover the 30 best LGBTQ+ friendly institutions across different regions, from the vibrant Mid-Atlantic to the scenic West. Which universities made the prestigious list, and what sets them apart in fostering inclusivity?

️ Regional Highlights: Mid-Atlantic: Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland Midwest: Indiana, Kansas State, Purdue, Ohio State New England: U Mass, Vermont West: San Diego State, Colorado South: Louisville, Northern Kentucky

No Surprises, No Compromises: Explore the surprises and not-so-surprises in this year’s list. Did your expectations match the prestigious universities making the cut? Check out the complete list at