A major part of the London gay scene is about to disappear with the shuttering of longtime favorite club G-A-Y Late – and according to a social media announcement by the owner Jeremy Joseph, violence against club patrons and staff is part of the reason for the closure. The club is located in London’s Soho District, which is located in the borough of Westminster. The venue, which has been going under its current name since the early Nineties, is one of the relatively few in London to hold a license until 4 AM. Those hours, together with the site’s relative isolation and rising rates of anti-LGBTQ+ crime, meant that the safety of employees and clubgoers alike could not be guaranteed. With city police short-staffed, Joseph added, there was little hope for more protection from law enforcement. Other factors included new construction around and above the venue, as well as additional safety concerns presented by parking woes, with the venue’s fire exit, as well as its entrance, frequently being blocked by cars. The woes affecting London’s nightlife are not limited to the gay scene. Time Out pointed to a recent study that showed 35 independent nightlife venues are lost each week.