With an exclusive interview with the new executive director at Broward House. The organization is well run, has a great reputation and quietly goes about making an impact on the community. A year ago, taking over the reins would have been a dream job. Then came the nightmare: the April flood that saw two feet of rain drench Broward County. But for new E-D Nicole Burrell, it’s still a dream job. She told me, “The idea before the flood would have been okay, coming in with little things to do here and there, but not a lot. With the flood, we had so much construction. In the first two months, it was construction that I’ve undertaken. We still have work. It’s an interesting place to start. ”Now Broward House has dried out and restored their facilities. Their strategic grand funding helps keep their clients in programs and housing, but they’ll be drowning in debt for the foreseeable future. “Our grants are for helping clients. Once we get them in, grants will pay for clients at the assisted living facility. When it comes to the flood expenses, it’s something we’re working to make sure we continue to fundraise and ask for donations.” As we talked, you could hear the enthusiasm in Burrell’s voice. The future is tough, the mission is never-ending, but Burrell believes: the possibilities are endless. You can read more of my interview in this week’s Out South Florida.