In a recent Ask Amy segment of the South Florida SunSentinel, a mother, identifying herself as “Prideless Mom,” wrote to Amy Dickinson seeking advice about her son, Jack, who came out as gay five years ago. Despite her initial acceptance, she struggled with traditional expectations and fears for her son’s safety and future. Jack, now 26, recently introduced his boyfriend, Samuel, at a family function, which triggered a wave of emotions for Prideless Mom, including concern about societal judgment, guilt over her parenting, and worries about STDs and violence against gay men. She confessed her discomfort to Amy, admitting she might never fully embrace her son’s orientation. Amy’s response was empathetic yet firm. She advised Prideless Mom to stop viewing Jack’s sexuality as an “it” and to recognize it as an integral part of who he is. Amy highlighted that many of the mother’s concerns were based on misconceptions and urged her to confront her own homophobia. She recommended spending more time with Jack and Samuel to normalize their relationship and suggested seeking support from, a national organization that assists parents and families of LGBTQ+ individuals. Amy emphasized the importance of continued effort and openness in becoming a more supportive parent, ensuring that Jack feels truly accepted and loved. Queer God Squad believes that Prideless Mom’s journey toward acceptance is vital. Love and understanding are the foundations of true support.