Dolly Parton’s fiercely loyal fanbase has rallied in her defense following a controversial essay by the conservative news site Federalist. The article, titled “There’s Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton’s False Gospel,” criticized Parton’s religious stance and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Writer Ericka Andersen argued that Parton isn’t a real Christian because she doesn’t condemn homosexuality, accusing the country music icon of inconsistency in her faith. Parton’s fans were quick to respond, defending her inclusive views and unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community. The backlash made Andersen regret her choice of using Parton as an example. She soon admitted to Yahoo, “We all make poor choices in how to frame things sometimes. This was one of those moments for me! Dolly is one of the few people who is beloved by all and who loves all. The world is lucky to have her.” In a 2023 interview with The Guardian, Parton addressed her religious beliefs and LGBTQ+ support, stating, “I ain’t that good a Christian to think that I am so good that I can judge people. That’s God’s job, not mine.” She emphasized the importance of love and acceptance, regardless of one’s background or identity. Parton’s fans have made it clear: they stand firmly behind her inclusive message and won’t tolerate attacks on her faith.