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Club News
What a crazy week in Tampa Bay! This week after much anticipation The 2606, Tampa’s oldest leather bar, has re-opened. The club is all new inside. They did keep the best parts…. George & Buzzy! The Copa is undergoing ownership changes. The Havana Club now has a gay night. Inside the club is new with a theme park style complete with the Men in Black. Joining the show cast at L’ Olivier’s is Miss Joey Brooks & Miss Alexis Mateo. Yes, in GaYBOR is the coming of the new Ybor Eagle located in the basement of the old Flirt Nightclub.

Trelles Clinic on Sci Fi “Ghost Hunters”
The ghostly tales of Trelles Hospital & Clinic in Ybor City will be featured on the Sci Fi Network’s hottest series, “Ghost Hunters.” The old hospital is being renovated and changing to the new Ybor Resort & Spa opening in May. In the series you will be seeing locals including the new resort owners Fred & Vince, Hampton Inn & Suites sales manager, Brenda Holloway and others talking about Ybor history. The Ghost Hunters crews were in Ybor City for 3 weeks this past January filming for this special paranormal show. April 1st is the showing on SCI FI network. You just may be alerted to some uncommon visitors and residents in Ybor City!
Changes at “New Heights Magazine”
This week the name changes from “New Heights Magazine” to “UC Tampa Magazine” (Urban Corridor). What a brilliant and refreshing urban and inclusive move! In this new edition you will find our favorite sax man Mr. Alan Darcy! That’s right, the same Alan Darcy now headlining in New York City! Go Alan! If you’re even a little Tampa History buff, like us, you’re in for a real treat. Hopefully soon you will be able to pick up your copy at MC Film in GaYBOR. Visit the magazine on line at



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