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Say WHAT?!?!
To our surprise, Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White accepted an invitation to speak at the Hillsborough County GLBTA Democratic Caucus’s ( monthly meeting. We truly believe that Comm. White had no idea what GLBTA stood for… Gay-Lesbian-Bi-Transgender-and Allies! To the shock and disbelief of all in the room, Comm. White said proudly, “The reason I voted NO to domestic partner benefits in Hillsborough County was it would cost too much money.” Comm. White went on to say that he was not prejudiced. He lives in Seminole Heights, where gay people live, too. He has gay neighbors and added, “I have even had YOU PEOPLE in my house!” When asked what would have happened if the same rationality was applied to women or blacks, White answered, “Times were different then.” When asked why he did not conform to the National Democratic Party Platform regarding nondiscrimination toward the GLBT community White did a little sidestep number. White was then surprised to learn that Hillsborough County is on the blackball list of do not visit communities by Human Rights Campaign. White had no idea GLBT tourism dollars could help the community and even add jobs instead of losing jobs. This was the high point of the meeting. HCGLBTA Chairwoman Sally Phillips asked who was straight in the room and half of the attendees raised their hands! This shows our diversity in Hillsborough County. From here the meeting went downhill for the next 1/2 hour as White dug himself into a deep hole. Mr. White, with all due respect, how did you get into office? If you’re so concerned about saving money in Hillsborough County, maybe you should start by not wearing such expensive suits!

Laughing Cat Restaurant  Cookin’ up an Italian “FEAST” ival
Wow! $9.95 for a feast during lunchtime. That is one reason the boutique Italian squire is so popular during the weekday luncheons. Laughing Cat offers a variety of at least 8 entrees to choose from and the 2 award winning chefs pride themselves on their new and old country delights. Not only do owners/chefs Franco Lo Re and Jerry Kistler love cooking for their return customers, they have waiting lists on weekends for the opportunity to relax and take in the pride of Ybor’s little progressive Italian eatery. This weekend is their Annual Famous Wine Taste & Dinner on Sunday, April 26th at 6:00 with five delectable Italiano courses that are accompanied with a select specialty wine for each course. For more information call Laughing Cat at 241-2998.
High Drama at “Dishing with Mark & Carrie”
OMG! The Dishing press came to a screaming halt this week! All day our dog Miss Amber had been acting strangely, wanting to stray and not staying near us. Mark was at the computer typing away when out of the corner of his eye he saw something strange. Next to him on his desk was a bag of doggie treats and trying to get into the bag was a POSSUM (no, it wasn’t Dame Edna!)! You can just imagine how Mark screamed like a little girl and took off! Miss Amber started barking, Carrie jumped up and the possum jumped off the desk and ran into the backroom. The little guy hid in the garbage can. Carrie put the lid on the can and took him outside to set him free. Mark is still stuck to the ceiling!