In Issue 18

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“In America sex is an obsession, in  other parts of the world it’s a fact.” – Marlene Dietrich


Birthdays April 30th – May 6th

April 30th Patrick, Muzzy, Dennis L.,  Jane Burnside, Wolfgang, Rich, Kevin S., May, Scandals’ famous bartender Pooch on the 2nd, Dale Schultz, Jesse M., Greg, Derrick B., Cicso on the 3rd, Michael A.,  Alex, Paul Murphy, Taylor Morgan, Matthew Taylor, Andres, John Castelli, Tawny on the 2nd, Arthur, Judy,  Billy Inman, Tim D., Humanitarian/ Songstress Mary Jane Cunningham on the 1st, Walter Lena on the 3rd,  Richard Powelson,  George, Jimmy O., Michael W., Ray Foley, Karla, Mitch, Toy S., Peter, John David, Super hunk Eric Akarico on the4th and David Beckham turns 34 on the 2nd.


To Florida’s sweetheart and former Miss Florida F.I. Nikki Adams on her new position   as Community Liaison/Event Coordinator for Broward House. Nikki’s wit, charm, talent and community resources will bring much to the table and she will be a great asset to Broward House!!

We Hear

That Richard Gray, Vice Chair of the Broward County Tourist Development Council and winner of Greater Fort Lauderdale Hometown Hero is sporting a new beard (it even has some red in it) and he looks stunning and so very distinguished… but then Richard has always been a stunner! Keep it – love it!!!

That two tourists hooked up with a hot daddy at The Ramrod’s Sunday Man T- Dance and they are now relocating here to be with him. See what happens if you get out and get some!!! Check out Big John’s bar as it’s always packed with hunks, but the rest of the awesome manly staff are packed at their bars also. Get there soon and dance your buns off while being checked out my dears!!

That Mona’s bartender D. A., who sports a Prince Albert and holds the Rimmer Magazine’s Sleazy Award for Sleaziest Bartender 2007 and again in 2009, is always on the ball. Mona’s new Wednesday Night $20.00 all you can drink from 9 pm to 1 am has caught on big time and is a mob scene, like $5.00 an hour for whatever you desire!!! Wow! Get there and check out some of the hottest guys around like Luke, John, Pedro and Will to name a few of the hunks there. Congrats Jerry on a great idea!

That local socialite Howard Glantz was spotted VIP ringside in Vegas catching the Britney Spears “Circus” show with some hotties at his side as usual.

That a local DJ is a bad boy – he pops the condom off when the receiver is not aware. Shame on you!!!

That The Boy from Brazil, Thiago Santos, will do two shows nightly on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd at the world famous Boardwalk continuing the parade of porn stars. And if you eat at Beefcake’s you get free admission to the B’Walk.  A best bet for sure!

That a smoking hot Johnny’s bartender and another club employee got it on for hours and both were topped and bottomed (which is amazing as one is (was) exclusively top only!!!).

That an Alibi employee played some hot games with a very married Latin guy?

That a duo of celebs were spotted at Bill’s Friday and Saturday nights and it was so crowded no one recognized them. Well, my spies did and they were very gracious to them. Sorry, no names on this one but think initials J and M?

It’s a wrap for this one, my dears, but please play it safe and get out and party as the clubs are packed with hot, hunky, horny tourists.  Be sure to double wrap those puppies before inserting!

Cheers,  Mrs. Beasley