In Issue25

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“Mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom.” -Castle

Birthdays June 18th – 24th
Handsome Realtor Larry Rowe on the 19th, Hunk Donald of Gregg & Donald on the 18th, Hockey Joe of Ramrod on the 19th, Terry Norman, Scott of WPB, Gerard, Jon, Rich, Bill Dickerson, Alexander Blastos, Kathy Kelly, Mitchell Green, Eric, Lorrie Del Mar, Floyd, Normand La Chance, Jay, Jay H., Ann, Carlos, David Smith, Ray, Tony P., Dennis P., Eddie Lindberg, Harold of Scandals on the 19th, Jeff Kern and Bill Farrell.


Happy Anniversary
Happy 9th anniversary to Dan and Shane on the 24th.

To the many friends of former longtime Alibi waiter Bobby Tompkins who passed away on June 10th after a long illness. He will be sadly missed.

We Hear
That the new movie, “The Art of Being Straight,” opens at The Gateway 4 Cinema on the 19th. This is an upbeat comedy about a group of post graduate twenty-somethings who have encounters with gay and straight partners in an attempt to figure out their true orientation, all while struggling with entry level jobs. The guys are hot as is the flick. Plus they have the best damn popcorn in town, always freshly popped and delish with several toppings to choose from. Spectacular!
That a neighborhood bar will be changing hands soon.
That The Boardwalk continues the parade of porn stars with hot Jeremy Bilding (see photo courtesy of Channel 1 Releasing). He appears Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 19th-21st, with 2 shows nightly and dining at Beefcake’s gets you free admission.

That Miss Kay is celebrating her birthday all this weekend. If you’d like to send a card to the beloved icon of society (please do) the address is
Catherine Wren  c/o Safe Harbor
1320 SW 25th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33315

I know she’d love to hear from all of her hundreds of friends and fans. See photo by Pompano Bill, who we thank very much.
Thanks to Fabscout for sending Jeremy Bilding’s photo.
That there is no word as yet from Sean David of Johnny’s on his possible new venue. What’s up, Sean? Meanwhile Club 11 continues to sizzle with hot, hot dance music on the weekend with Fierce Fridays and much more.
That a sexy “can never get enough” Ft Lauderdale barback was spotted on South Beach in a skimpy Speedo and was followed by three muscle guys to his hotel room. Hmmmmmmmm!
That a new star is in the making as a Realtor turns to doing movie shoots as a side job. Sorry, no name on this one but soon it will “all” be out!
That a yummy bodied married couple have a new house boy who’s doing them both.
That a macho movie star was spotted doing Tea Dance at The Sea Monster and went home with a regular of ship fame.
That Vivien Goldberg (aka Tom) and his ex bf Juan tore up the sheets in a wild lust fest for hours, despite not feeling up to par, but the rest was UP, trust me darlings!
That Boom is booming on Sundays with the new Jackhammer Tea Dance moved there.
That Mona’s will be open regular hours on Saturday, July 11th with Chris doing it all as the Mona’s huge Poverello benefit takes place on The Drive that day from noon to ???. More on this next week, but do save the date for one of the biggest events ever presented by Jerry Schultz, Mona’s owner and founder of the benefit in memory of Pizza Hut Dave. The Italian American Club will be the place to be for the event and auction on the 11th.
All for this one, but please do have fun and play
safe, promise?

Cheers – Mrs Beasley