In Issue26

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.” – Anon

Birthdays June 25th – July 1st
Handsome, popular Matt (formerly of Cathode, now at Johnny’s Sunday Happy Hour) on the 27th, Sea Monster’s Toni Barone on the 29th (see photo), Superb photographer Warren Conway on the 27th, Trish, Robbie Cox, Todd Katz, Jeania, Mr. Ramrod 2000 Mark D’Aleo on the 28th, Isidero, Gene V., David Schneider, Candy, Harold Bayer on the 26th, Tropic’s handsome Bar Manager Mike Terrazzi on the 25th, Ray B., Stewart Bolton of The Rat Pack on the 27th, Barbara, Milton R., Jeff Hale, Ron Watts, Sherry, Russ of Boca, Michael O., Roland on the river on 26th, Hot, hot Jeffrey on the 27th, Michael Wilson and Joe Raziel.
Happy Belated Birthdays goes to hunky Sidney of Beefcake’s on the 22nd, Johnny’s Manager A.J. Cross on July 1st, Steve , Bob and Farrah.

Happy Anniversaries
Happy 60th Anniversary to Lois and George Kessinger Sr. on the 25th, wishing the very best to a beautiful couple!

Happy 23rd (I think) anniversary to George Kessinger, Jr. and Adam Burnett on July 1st, another beautiful Kessinger couple!

We Hear
That the rods were a popping at a sexy soiree held in Rio Vista honoring a certain XXX star and his bf! The main event was the poolside show and not a softie to be found. Thanks so much for the invite! You guys are fabulous hosts, but ’til 7 am? Whew!

That the cruising is hot at Beefcake’s on Monday Nights when the Empress Vicky Bennett hosts “Movie Night” with two flicks being shown, half price appetizers, free popcorn and also free drinks from 12 midnight to 1 am. This has caught on big time and it’s loaded with hot guys and movie buffs! Last Monday’s birthday party there for hot hunk Sidney was the best and he deserved it for sure and even got spanked (sorry, but with his pants on)!

That a certain top society couple were spotted at Slammer’s Private Club in the play area near the fire pit having a ball with the all the hotties that pack the hot spot. Check it out soon. As they say keep, your marriage interesting!

That a very sexy top bartender is headed for reality. Well, we mean a reality show as he was one of the finalists in a recent audition. You go, honey, and win!

That a certain drag queen may be headed to Hollywood. We shall say no more on this one. Shhhh!

That another couple keeping their marriage interesting is taking on three ways with some local and Miami dancers!

That a very hot bar employee who thinks with the wrong head (hey, maybe that is the head to think with) was caught with his Dockers down in the liquor room of a hot spot. The odd thing was that he was alone spanking the monkey. Go figure!

That a well known muscle guy who pumps up all the time secretly wears high heels around the house and has a huge collection and says it helps his form,  again,  go figure!

That a popular, toned, buff athlete has the private fetish of wearing lacy undies and it has scared off a recent hunky trick who ran out of the pad, pants in hand.

That a bar is about to change partners and one doesn’t know, so please be quiet on this item!

That a certain Robbie has sent some very hot nude pics to a web site and this is a true beauty, so look for them soon and guess where? Right!

Listen I have to chill right now, so I’ll just remind you to please play it safe and bag the bone and remember buzzed driving IS drunk driving! But do get out and about as the college boys are here in full force at all the wonderful bars we are so fortunate to have in our midst. Hot, sweaty sex is so sexy, especially after a few cocktails, so do it!

Cheers – Mrs Beasley