June 25, 2009

GaYBOR & Tampa Bay Gossip & News

Rainbow Flags Fly Down St. Pete’s Central Avenues
You have to know that St. Pete Pride is around the corner. On 3 streets running from 20th Street on 1st Ave North, Central Ave. and 1st Ave. South to 31st Street there are rainbow flags on every lamppost.
The St. Petersburg City Council had an issue with the flags on their own without any writing or insignia on them, so the St. Pete Pride Committee added “St. Pete Pride” on all the 1,000+ flags. St. Pete Pride is the largest Gay Pride Festival in Florida. For more info,  visit
Turning Lemons into Lemonade
The Honey Pot in GaYBOR had planned for three nights of foam parties. The first night, Thursday, went off without a catch. Steam Friday Night the foam started out OK, but then there was an equipment malfunction and out came soapy water only. In spirit of fun and class Stephen, the owner, took to the mic and announced that there had been a little technical difficulty. They did not have enough foam, but after opening the bar for free for 15 minutes there were guys and gals diving into the watery foam pond! The GaYBOR can do spirit took what could have been a disaster and turned it into one of the best parties of the year!
Our Saturday Night
Several friends all called us and said that we must go to Baxter’s Lounge on South Dale Mabry to hear Ashley Scott perform. They were right, Ashley was fantastic! On to the 2606 to see what was new. The first floor was busy and their famous MetroTampa shots were everywhere. Upstairs at the 2606 Leather Club it was dark and sexy! Some friends asked us to go back to Ybor to G.BAR, our home away from home. YES, of course! The energy was bursting out. Where do all these incredibly sexy and friendly people come from? Stephen introduced us to several new guys visiting GaYBOR and the next thing we knew the music and dancing was taking over!
People are Talking
St. Pete is abuzz with rumors of two new gay bars opening. Located on 34th Street South in a strip mall, the club in the back will be called Dirty Dicks and the front club will be ? GLBT boat owners are moving their yachts to a marina on 34th, too. Hmm… a GLBT marina? The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were spotted passing out safe sex kits. Their Minister/Mistress of Outreach has 8,000 kits under her bed! A certain Ybor club owner got into a squabble with his boyfriend at Chelsea Club. Oops… there goes another $600 phone! King & I Restaurant owner Brian is on his way back from a 6-week medical vacation in Thailand.
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