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Kristine W – by Skip Santana

Kristine W’s “The Power of Music” album has already proven its power on the dance scene with its first four single releases landing the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play List.  

In fact, with her latest chart topper released earlier in the year, Kristine year, Kristine edged out Whitney Houston to claim fifth place among artists with multiple #1s on the dance chart. Madonna tops the list, followed by Janet Jackson, Donna Summer and Mariah Carey.  With 13 #1s, Kristine ranks #5.   Houston ranks in 6th place with only 12 #1s.
If “Be Alright” performs as expected, Mariah Carey may have to prepare to share the #4 spot.
If anyone understands the power of music, it’s you.  How does music have the power to change people’s lives?

Music brings people together and connects us in ways we would never otherwise experience.  It introduces us to people we would otherwise never meet.

What is the most powerful thing music has done for you?
I was very young when my father died.  Music saved my family because my mother was a gifted singer and musician and couldn’t find a job doing anything else.  She performed every night of the week to feed and raise four young kids on her own.

Why do you think your songs have resonated so powerfully with the gay community?
My songs are about empowerment, survival and hope.  The gay community has struggled with acceptance – more from their families than even from society as a whole – which is the hardest rejection to face.

When did you first realize you had such a strong gay following?
When I played an event with Junior Vasquez in New York.  I had no idea who he was at the time. I got on stage in front of 2000 shirtless men and thought wow – what happened?

How does your new album compare with your past albums?
It is more uplifting.   Making Fly Again (Kristine’s previous album) was a tough time, not really knowing whether I would survive the effects of leukemia.  It was more of an album of purging my frustrations and dealing with the unknown.

What’s your favorite song on The Power of Music?
It changes everyday but at the moment it is “Be Alright.”  I’ve been performing it a lot lately and I see how that message connects with people.  People who have never heard it are singing along after the 1st chorus and it seems to be resonating with people and making them smile.

There’s not much to smile about these days.  The economy is down.  Terrorism is rampant. Gay men and women are still denied our right to marriage.  
As my grandmother always said, attitude is everything.  We have the power to elevate ourselves in any situation, if we really want to.

What do you think the gay community must do to reclaim our power?
Stop allowing society to focus on the “dark” side of the gay community.  It’s time we show them the wonderful people we really are.  The truth is we are more like them then they think – only better dressers.

Kristine W’s  The Power of Music is available on i-Tunes and now. Catch Kristine W Performing live on Saturday July 18, 2009  at Voodoo Lounge’s new Saturdays entitled “The Mix.” For more  info call 954.522.0733 or visit