In Issue 33

Making Yourself A Better Catch




Before you jump into the dating pool, you might want to take a look inward first. Knowing who you are and what you want to work on helps make you a better catch – and ultimately a better date. So get out your TO DO list. No one’s perfect. We all have flaws. A few of these tips might help.


Read More. Give Reality TV and US Magazine a rest and pick up a novel, news magazine, or read an online newspaper. The more you know, the more you’ll have to talk about on a date. Most people will say intelligence is attractive. It’s probably in the top 5 of qualities most singles are looking for. If you’re informed and well read, you’ll at least seem smart and you can avoid those awkward pauses in conversation during a date. If you can’t bring yourself to read, buy a pair of Gucci glasses with clear lens and pretend to be smart. Illusion is everything.


Control The Drinking And Smoking. You might think an ashtray mouth is OK or a funny drunk is cute, but it probably won’t lead to finding a quality mate. That cute guy won’t think you’re as attractive when you slur your words and blow smoke in his face. Leave the cigs in the car. And with a few less drinks you won’t have to wonder if you had beer goggles on the night before when he calls you the next day.

Be Positive. You may blame your parents for screwing up your childhood, still be angry with your ex or hate your boss, but no one wants to hear your complaining. Negativity is a big turn off if you’re trying to attract a quality date. Save the moaning for the therapist’s chair or your closest friends. Your friends probably don’t want to constantly hear your negativity either, but at least they’ll understand. A positive attitude and a few kind words go a long way to making you a better catch.


Stop Sleeping Around (Or At Least Stop Talking About It). So you’re constantly hooking up. We all have needs. But if you’re known as the guy who’ll sleep with anyone, eventually no one will want to sleep with you. A little discretion goes a long way and your potential dates don’t want to hear ALL the intimate details of your many encounters. Let your date find out for himself that you’re a stud, instead of hearing that you’re a slut.


Volunteer. No matter how bad you may think you have it, there’s always someone less fortunate than you. Call it karma. Whatever you give comes back to you in greater returns. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet that perfect date in a soup kitchen line or at a charity event.

Leave Something To The Imagination. If your stack of porn is larger than your TV, you’ve probably killed your sexual imagination and set your standards way too high when looking for a mate. Drop dead gorgeous, hung like a horse with 8 pack abs isn’t a very realistic standard. Porn stars mate with porn stars anyway. And those provocative photos you have posted online probably won’t leave a potential mate wanting more when they’ve seen it all before meeting you. Leaving something to the imagination will make you more attractive and a better catch.


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