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Features 35 Stylus

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Is It Hard to Find the Man of your Dreams?


I always hear from my single friends that it’s hard to meet quality guys to date. Some try going to the bars, some try online “dating” sites (but we know where that usually leads).  Well, look no further. Stylus is here to help.  We’ve all heard about speed dating before, but these guys offer “a fresh new concept in speed dating for the GLBT crowd.”


The Stylus Introductions team, with their infectious outgoing personalities and professional backgrounds, promise to bring dating and meeting that special someone to an exciting new level. Their mission is to provide quality face-to-face introductions. If you’re looking for a fun night out, and an opportunity to meet plenty of single guys, then speed dating nights are just what you’ve been looking for!


Here’s how it goes… Stylus events are specifically designed to appeal to groups of similar age and interests. They typically run for approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. Everyone gets to meet 15-20 single gay men. Each attendee will talk to their date for three minutes, enough time to figure out if they would like to meet that person again. At the end of the three minutes they move on to their next date. Each person is given a form on which they keep track of who they have met. For each date, they simply check “yes” or “no” if they’d like to meet that person again. At the end of the night they return the form to the hosts. Within a few days they will receive the contact details for all of their “matches” (where both parties marked “yes” for each other). After that, it’s up to the daters. There is a break in the middle of the evening, giving everyone a chance to mingle, go to the bar and chat with others.  The events include a cocktail and light appetizers during the break.


“It’s not easy to meet quality people out there,” says Stylus president and co-founder Adal Garcia. “At Stylus events, everyone comes for the same reason. They want to meet someone and to spend more than an hour or two with them. I think most of us have the basic desire to enjoy life with someone special. Our hope is that, through our events, the dream could become a reality.”


The first event will be held in the Manchester Room at Georgie’s Alibi Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 5:15 pm. To reserve a spot (seating is limited) please contact the guys at Stylus by going to their website MyStylus.com or call them at 800-210-4371.


A portion of all South Florida registrations will be donated to Care Resource.