The Third Annual Wicked Manors Halloween Block Party will be held on Saturday, October 31st in the Drive. The colorful, exciting extravaganza draws thousands from all over the world to join in the fun fest and mostly all in full (or hardly any) costume.

“I love Ewan McGregor. He’s got a beautiful penis! I’m like, ‘Yeah, man, uncircumcised!’ That’s nice.” – Rosario Dawson



The Third Annual Wicked Manors Halloween Block Party will be held on Saturday, October 31st in the Drive. The colorful, exciting extravaganza draws thousands from all over the world to join in the fun fest and mostly all in full (or hardly any) costume. This year’s theme is “A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole” in reference to Alice in Wonderland. The famous Miss Misty Eyez will host and will be totally outrageous. She usually is, but even more so on this night of nights!


The main stage is located at NE 6th Ave. You will want for nothing as they have it all: female impersonators, food, drink, street bars (which, by the way, the law has an 11 pm curfew on them), dance contests and costume contests for man, woman and beast. Yes, there is a pet costume contest! So get it on and head to the hot spot of our town this Eve of All Hallows and it will be a night full of treats and tricks!


October 29th – November 4th

Ron and Jim of Bill’s, John Ende, Cyndi Wells, Helix Studios’ Keith Miller, Paul Egan, Michael W., Bob Cole, Richard G., Michael H., Ray Medeiros. November: John Miller, Joe Lemar, Michael Kelly, Lee M., Michael Namoli, Joel Abrams and Henry J. Kurkowski.


Happy 15th anniversary to Pooch of Scandals and Don of Bill’s, celebrating on November 1st. All the best to you two icons of the community. Love ya!



Beasley_Issue__44_The_Manor_designer__Michael_Beamish_by_Pomp_BillThis photo of Sir (?) Michael Beamish by Pompano Bill shows this wonderful gentleman and fabulous internationally renowned designer with a slight grin. Well he should be grinning as he is doing an awesome job of designing The Manor on the Drive, owned by Paul Hugo and Brett Tannenbaum and very soon to open lavishly, with a style quite unlike any ever seen before. The amazing Michael, who we hear could be soon called “Sir Michael,” has pulled out all the stops and made this the ultimate for every taste.


One being the Ivy Ultra Lounge and another the Epic Nightclub, both inside the Manor, with different formats of music and activities throughout the week. We congratulate Michael on his hard work on this venue and also send huge congrats to Paul and Brett for bringing us all this awesome place of luxury, fun, food and dance and yet some mellow space for you also. Much more on this soon!


Soon to be “to the Manor born,” Michael is also well known locally for designing the penthouse for Jim and Victor, which is nothing short of breathtakingly gorgeous!



… to Sean David and the entire staff of Johnny’ s on celebrating twenty-nine years of serving the community. I recall the former location of Johnny’s in back of Backstreet and what fun it was then and what fun it still remains! Founder Johnny Moses is to be saluted for his outstanding accomplishments in our community – he has been a wonderful humanitarian in so many ways, with benefits and feeding the masses and giving back to the community, and now Sean is carrying on the tradition. A big salute to Uncle Al, Joey the Chef, Andy (who has been bartending over 14 years) and all of the staff that have made Johnny’s a lively and entertaining place to be for almost three decades! The big party is on Thursday, October 29th with top shelf open bar from 7 pm to 9 pm and a full dinner plus free tee shirts and giveaways all night and special entertainment by female impersonators. Wishing you all many, many more years! SALUTE!


We Hear

Beasley_Issue__44_VPLThat the tickets for the Visconti Triplets will be on sale starting on October 30th at the Boardwalk for this spectacular, exclusive event happening Thanksgiving week from the 25th to the 28th of November. I would suggest getting your tickets ASAP as this event will draw guys from all over and I personally know many who are flying in for this show of shows.


That Bobby Blair, along with a few others, is in the process of buying 411 Magazine and The Blade. I have seen no confirmation at this point, but I haven’t heard any denials either. Hey, I print what I hear and NOT what I know, unless I do know and then it is gospel and I say so… but this? Hey, who knows, but I did hear it from a very good source, so go figure. Time tells all, my friends.


That a local stud hunk will soon be on national television reality show. Sorry I can say no more, but it will be hot!


That a private dick has been retained by a very wealthy 60-something gentleman to spy on his much younger toy boy/lover boy. Sorry, once again no names, but very well known ones and this is a sizzler – golden globes and a divine monument! The gent should have just asked me as I have been there! OOPS! Did I say that? Well, yeah, I guess I did so —-so be it! Yum, yum is the finale on this item!


All for this time… Happy Halloween and do double bag it and be sure to bag a trick, or maybe be greedy and bag two, it’s all UP to you ….