Bruno Gmünder Verlag

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-1Bruno Gmünder Verlag is a book publishing house out of Germany which specializes in LGBT fiction and non-fiction books as well as photo and art books for the gay community.

Bruno Gmünder Verlag

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-2Bruno Gmünder Verlag is a book publishing house out of Germany which specializes in LGBT fiction and non-fiction books as well as photo and art books for the gay community.

The Bruno Gmünder publishing house was founded in Berlin in 1981 by Bruno Gmünder and Christian von Maltzahn. Today, with over 75 permanent employees and many freelance staff, the group is a global market leader in gay media and releases over 100 new titles per year.

The best-selling gay travel book in the world, Spartacus International Gay Guide, is one of the most important books published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag, currently selling over 65,000 copies per issue. Last month they printed the 41st edition of this popular guide.

The Bruno Gmünder Media Group is headed by Tino Henn as CEO and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011 with a variety of fabulous book including the very popular “Players Two,” the biography of Jim French, the anthology “Turnon: Sports” as well as “Bend Over.” According to Tino “I am delighted to be able to build on 30 years of successful media and business activities for the gay community. In its segment, Bruno Gmünder is one of the most valuable gay umbrella brands in the world. In the coming years we want to push our media and trade sub-brands (e.g. Männer, Spartacus, Bruno’s) more actively on the Internet, expand our service portfolio and develop new business segments.”

In January 2012, Bruno Gmünder Media released the Spartacus International Gay Guide App for iPhone. This allows access to the entirety of the Spartacus International Gay Guide while on the road. There are three versions available on the Apple App Store (iOS): “Europe”, “The World excluding Europe” and “Worldwide”.

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-3Some of Gmünder’s recently released or soon to be released products include:

1) A sex guide with a special twist. 69 Positions leads us onto the wide fields of gay pleasure. Two of the most popular Bel Ami models guide you in this sensual and inspiring photo book, which also will be released as a hardcover in a special edition. All positions are accompanied by a short informative text.

2) Do It Yourself. This comprehensive follow up to his 2011 bestsellers Bend Over and Blow Me is the perfect guidebook for sexual encounters in the most private sense of meaning.

3) After his recent successes Swedish writer Hakan Lindquist releases On Collecting Stamps, which is a touching and beautiful novel about the secrets of the past and the courage of taking your life in your own hands.

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-54) The new adventures of Bike Boy. Last year Bruno Gmünder released Bike Boy, a collection of extensively re-colored stories, which became a bestseller right away. No wonder, since Zack is not afraid to let all his fantasies become reality on paper, no matter how explicit they are. With Bike Boy Rides Again he once again gives us a masterfully drawn and stunning new volume of sexy and randy adventures, two of them completely new and unreleased.

5) Photo books by: Mark Henderson and Howard Roffman.

Luminosity – Light, color and the perfection of the male body—Mark Henderson doesn’t need more to create images of an unmistakable style, which are incredibly popular with the audience. Luminosity is already the fourth photo book by the American artist as he sticks to his formula for success: masterfully reworked images of men who can easily make your mouth water.

For the Love of Bali – Never change a winning team is the motto for Howard Roffman, whose photos of the sexy boys of Bel Ami let hearts, beat faster worldwide. While he can’t ever take his eyes off the young beaus, he decided on a completely new setting this time: the amazing beauty of Bali is the backdrop for Roffman’s recent project. His pictures are sensitive and romantic—and they put a focus on Bel Ami’s newest faces. Irresistible guys like Kevin Warhol and Andre Boleyn are the stars of For The Love of Bali.

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-66) Tom of Finland Calendars. Without a doubt Tom of Finland has been one of the artists with the biggest impact on gay culture during the 20th century. Almost every homosexual man is familiar with his erotically charged images: those adorable hunks with their giant dongs. You probably won’t find pictures which are more masculine. Stark Naked gives you a baker’s dozen of his artwork in their XXL format.

The Classic Men calendar by Tom of Finland is ideal for everybody who just loves the brilliant drawings of this amazing artist, but doesn’t want to change the calendar every time mommy pays a visit. It’s also a good choice, if you’re one of those guys who just appreciate a rather discreet appeal. Classic Men is a strong and erotic calendar, a more sensual companion to the explicit Stark Naked calendar.

discover-world-bruno-gmunder-47) The Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas. Since they have touched each other for the first time, Eric and Derrick know they are different. Now they will be bound together as long as they live. Most of all, the twin brothers know that no one else must ever discover the secret games they play in bed each night—until puberty hits and Eric and Derrick begin to understand that they are destined to become legendary. Follow two young men on their journey from a modest dairy farm in America’s heartland to the glamorous world of Berlin’s physique models, from the wonderland of Prague’s adult film industry to the fast lane of New York’s glittering club life… and ultimately, all the way to the Supreme Court of the united States.

Gmünder is always interested in collaborating with new writers, artists and photographers for novels, anthologies, photo or comic books, or magazine features. If you have a manuscript or portfolio and are interested in working with them please feel free to submit examples of your work via e-mail at or . The only thing they ask is that before you submit your work, please take a look at their books and magazines in the product section to ensure that your work matches our themes.

For more information about all of their products feel free to visit them online at