whats hot central florida 1

whats hot central florida 1

October’s GaYBOR District Coalition has a long list of activities planned for the next 6 months! Included is a “GaYBOR Student Art Competition”, Decorated Storefronts Contest in historic Ybor City for Holiday Spirit in Ybor in December and the State of GaYBOR in January with guest speaker, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

GaYBOR Meeting has Local TV Reporter/ Anchor As Special Guest

    October’s GaYBOR District Coalition has a long list of activities planned for the next 6 months! Included is a “GaYBOR Student Art Competition”, Decorated Storefronts Contest in historic Ybor City for Holiday Spirit in Ybor in December and the State of GaYBOR in January with guest speaker, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

“Close to the 300 GaYBOR member mark and what a positive accomplishment to our historic district.” said Carrie West, President of GaYBOR District. “That is worldwide advertising to entice tourists to come to historic Ybor City. That’s only $6.00 per month for each business!”

    Guest speakers at the monthly meeting held at Hampton Inn & Suites were Preston Rudie, WTSP TV anchor /reporter talking about media and community relations in historic Ybor City and GaYBOR. Also guest speakers included Sally Phillips, Florida State Dem Committeewoman on the upcoming November Florida ballot and Tom Keating, President of Ybor City Chamber of Commerce, talking about the upcoming Guavaween weekend the end of October 27th.

People Are Talking

   More talk is in the breeze of a new gay restaurant/club rumored to be opening in St Petersburg. Good St. Pete friends said that the deal was sealed two weeks ago for the old Detours location.  

 The 112 ‘murdered Trees’ in Ybor will be having a new flowery look. The city wants to plant Crape Myrtles and a few Olive Trees in place of the mowed downed and stumped 20 year old oak and holly tress on Ybor sidewalks that occurred one month ago. It is in the Master plan we were told!

 Guavaween is making a major change! No fenced in area and no paying to get into Ybor City. This year a musical staged venue will be replacing Mama Guava parade October 26th and the permitted fence and wet zoning for 7th AVE Halloween weekend. The Ybor City Chamber of Commerce oversees Guavaween and benefits from the annual event


You Can Not Make This Stuff Up!!

    Wild Night at New York New York Pizza

    Everybody knows that THE “must do” last stop in GaYBOR/Ybor City is to NY NY Pizza. The Best pizza and wildest floor show and they don’t even have a floor show!!!! One night it was after 2AM and the place was busy. All of a sudden a man fell out of the ceiling!!!! Everybody screamed! The owner Freddie ran up to the very drunk guy and asked… “Are you OK? Where did you come from? What’s going on?”

    The drunk actually said, “Those’ Mother F***ers locked me into the men’s room. So I had to crawl up into and out thru the ceiling!!!”

    Freddie stated, “What? There is no lock on the door!” The Drunken customer replied he had pushed & pushed and the door wouldn’t open IT WAS LOCKED!!!!!” Freddy replied, “It wasn’t locked, all you have to do was to pull the door not push!” Freddie and another employee showed the intoxicated gent, and then escorted him out the door.


Featured GaYBOR Member of the Week

    Centro Ybor

    Centro Ybor, LTD, the new mall in central historic Ybor City, has been a member since the beginning of GaYBOR District Coalition and great team players in all historic Ybor City Events. Providing and managing a mall right smack in the middle of the old historic district, they have a modernized building and commons area including restaurants; Hamburger Mary’s, Carne, the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Samarai Blue . Other businesses include Muvico Theatres, Joeffry’s, Tampa Improv and 6 major business office complexes plus so much more.

    This week they are hosting Centro Ybor’s concerts for the TECO Line Streetcars 10 Year Anniversary. They also have the huge Ybor Holiday Spirit Christmas Tree on their property.

Centro Ybor property owners are M&J Wilkow, LTD in Chicago. Senior VP David Harvey, Vivian, Carl and staff all have helped all of historic Ybor City and Tampa. We Congratulate You on All Your Successes.

Mark & Carrie’s Nephew/ Niece of the Week

    Chi Chi Lalique

 One of the most beautiful ladies in GaYBOR/Ybor City, Chi Chi can even make old eyesores look FANTASTIC!! By day, she is the reigning Mayor of New Port Richey!!! She holds court there daily at Salon Ke-lani.  By night, she is thrilling audiences across Tampa Bay!. Check her out at Hamburger Mary’s this weekend!