This Saturday November 10th, Eros Lounge in Miami is celebrating their one year anniversary. The anniversary party will be hosted by none other than Missy Meyakie Lepaige with music by Legendary DJ Bill James.


This Saturday November 10th, Eros Lounge in Miami is celebrating their one year anniversary. The anniversary party will be hosted by none other than Missy Meyakie Lepaige with music by Legendary DJ Bill James. It will also feature a special guest appearance by recording artist AMuka. Since opening their doors last year, the staff of the lounge have worked hard to find their niche market and to make sure that customers want to come back over and over again. Hotspots spoke with Eros Lounge Owner Peter Hans and General Manager Carlos Rojas to find out how the business has evolved since this time last year and what their plans for the future are.


Tell us about your one year anniversary party.

Peter – Eros has decided that we wanted to celebrate this milestone by bringing the talent of Amuka, Bill James, Adora, Missy Miake and Athena Dion to show our appreciation to everyone who has supported our establishment. Our plans include a fun filled week of events and performances to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Carlos – We are very excited and looking forward to several events starting on November 6th and running until Nov 11th, the highlight of the weekend is the performance of the Recording Artist AMuka

You have come a long way since the grand opening.  How has Eros evolved over the last year?

Peter – Over the past year, Eros has established theme nights like; Boulevard Bingo, Eros Idol Karaoke, Born to be a Drag, Drag Addiction, and Sunday Late Tea dance.  These nights were each created to serve a segment of our clientele and keep Eros interesting and fresh.

Carlos – Eros has definitely become the new “hot spot” on the main land: We’ve been working really hard trying to bring more night life to the area…

 What were some of the highlights of the year?

Peter – Eros, since its beginning, has always tried to involve itself with the community. We elected to participate in the Miami Beach Gay Pride by entering a float that displayed our creativity, and unity.  Burlesque shows brought entertainment to the lounge.  Besides our community involvement and entertainment, we introduced a delicious menu to the lounge which highlights my mother’s Greek culinary talent and introduces our Eros community to Greece. The additional item that stands apart in this past year was our successful monthly ladies nights hosted by Lynne Bove; our way of uniting the men and women of our community.

Carlos – Our associations and partnerships with local organizations such as Care Resources, Task Force, and Save Dade Miami have impacted our name and standing in the community.
Along with amazing and talented drag performers Latrice Royal, Tiffany Fantasia, Noel Leon, Tp Lords, Adora, and our own Missy Meyakie, Eros has committed to bringing top notch entertainment to our customers on a nightly basis.

What’s in the plans for next year?

Carlos – Eros will strive to strengthen our business by initiating growth and creating awareness, building strong ties with the LGBT community and encourage other gay and gay friendly businesses to build a new community in Miami.

For 2013, we’ve got to keep going; bringing more shows and live entertainment to Miami…along with renowned DJs for our weekend events

How is Eros different from other LGBT venues?


Peter – In the beginning, it was of the utmost importance that we created a venue that stood apart, but also complimented the others. To start with, our business is open 7 days a week and features a daily 2 for 1 happy hour.  We also created a special membership card to reward our patrons and to set us apart from other venues by offering special events, drink specials and no cover charge. Overall, Eros wants to stand apart by showing a strong sense of community involvement, offering a smoke free environment, and over 65,000 music videos: A collection that spans the last 4 decades. Finally, we offer competitive pricing and always have friendly people.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Hotspots?

Peter – Our vision for Eros lounge is to establish a comfortable, affordable and enjoyable environment for everyone from all facets of life to take part in. We want to encourage other gay and gay friendly businesses to develop on the main land. In the past, there were many gay businesses outside of South Beach, but that is something our community has been lacking for many years. We are proud to serve our community.

Carlos – In this hard economy we managed to survive a difficult year, and we want to thank you all for your support.

 Make sure you stop in to Eros Lounge on Saturday to celebrate their anniversary with them. You won´t want to miss all the events they have planned for your enjoyment. Come see AMuka, come to see one of Miami´s fabulous drag queens, or just stop in for a cocktail. Either way, you won´t regret it, and you will be supporting one of the bars that gives so much back to our community. Happy Anniversary EROS!