Dishing-bannerA great crowd went to the Bert Smith BMW car dealership to find out who was going to be this year’s 2013 St Pete Pride Promenade Grand Marshals set for Saturday, June 29th in St. Pete. This is the largest Gay Pride event in Florida and the lineup for …

Dishing-bannerMark & Carrie VOTED as St. Pete Pride Promenade Grand Marshals

A great crowd went to the Bert Smith BMW car dealership to find out who was going to be this year’s 2013 St Pete Pride Promenade Grand Marshals set for Saturday, June 29th in St. Pete. This is the largest Gay Pride event in Florida and the lineup for Grand Marshals was fierce. The food furnished by Orange Blossom Caters was delish! The conversations with friends was “Dishy.”

This year the St Pete Pride group headed by newly appointed Executive Director, Eric Skains set up a friendly voting competition in 3 categories; Female, Male and Organizations.

Dishing’s Mark & Carrie just want to thank all those who voted for us as the St Pete Pride Male Grand Marshal winners!

Jinkx Monsoon, Not Fooled!

A star is a star! The antics of Jinkx Monsoon made her a celebrity and a star. Jinkx is the winner of season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hundreds of area fans wanted to meet and have their pictures taken with the new breakout star at Hamburger Mary’s Ybor City. If there had been time, another sold out show would have been in the cards. As it was, the two scheduled shows were both sold out to the wall! Jinkx was dynamic, personable, inviting, yet charmingly inquisitive.

Disappointing Mural

The art work was very good but the message was confusing & disapointing. There was so much talk about the Adamo Drive Mural Project on Adamo Drive in south Ybor City. It was said over & over again that the mural would celebrate the History & Diversity of Ybor City past, present & future. GaYBOR was asked to help get the message out about the rusted buildings beautification project. GaYBOR had mural leaders speak and give input to the local mural. Surveys, money, and volunteer input! So, we were happy to look forward to a more diverse promising historic Ybor beautification! With that being said, there is NOTHING Gay, Lesbian, or even Drag on this mural. And that was a very important part of Ybor’s past and present.

As a proud open LGBT person this mural doesn’t represent anything from our community. All we asked for was a little something. Sometimes it is very difficult to tolerate close minded people. Especially the ones wearing horse eye blinders. Without the formation of the GaYBOR District Coalition there would have been no mural.

Dishing-pic1Mark & Carrie Nephew/ Niece of the Week

Ashleigh Cunningham

If you know what a “Sommelier” is then you have met Ashleigh. A Sommelier is a person who is a professional wine taster/Steward. Ashleigh is busy studying to become a National Sommelier, one of only a few women in the US. The next time you’re in GaYBOR/ Ybor stop by the Ybor Wine Bar and help her study! You will be very impressed with her knowledge of fine wines & sparkly! Cheers