Dishing-bannerIt has been six years in the making but this year ALL the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners agreed that the positive changes made by GaYBOR District Coalition needed to be recognized.

Dishing-bannerHillsborough County Commissioners All Agree On GaYBOR Days

It has been six years in the making but this year ALL the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners agreed that the positive changes made by GaYBOR District Coalition needed to be recognized.

The 6th Annual GaYBOR District Coalition “GaYBOR Days” is not just about GLBT and ally commerce; it’s an accepting place for visiting GLBT tourists and companies to do business. With the positive atmosphere, international companies like Austria’s Edelweiss Airlines, GLBT magazines like Beige, Brazil Gay Magazine, Men from Germany, the world’s spotlight is on GaYBOR, marketing us as a pleasant GLBT friendly destination to visit, eat, party, shop, and just experience!  GaYBOR has really helped make needed changes and kick off a positive renaissance in Historic Ybor City. 

Bernini Restaurant

The food &drinks are always fantastic at Bernini. This popular GaYBOR member, has started to paint artistic murals on the interior walls. We understand a new ceiling mural is on the way also!!  See you there this week for dinner & drinks!

You Can Not make this Up.

In the early 1980’s we were living in a upstairs down stairs duplex in Hyde park. We lived on the upper floor and a nice gay guy named Bill lived on the lower level. One week at the local LGBT church, Bill met a really sweet guy named Michael. He was in his early 20’s with red hair and had just moved to Tampa. Michael didn’t have any money and was looking for a place to stay until he found work. Bill and Michael hit it off right away and soon both were living in the lower unit below us. Since Michael did not have any money, everybody was being nice to him and gave him small odd jobs & had him over for drinks & dinner. Then one early morning, Mark was looking out the front window when he said “Ah Carrie get over her you’re not going to believe this!!!!” The street in front of the house was full of police. All had their guns pulled and were pointing at our duplex. Just then, the doorbell rang OMG!!!! OMG!!! We waited to see if Bill and Michael would open their door first. They did and the next thing we knew, Michael Atria was on the ground with guns to his head!!!! It turned out that poor Michael was not poor. He was actually a bank robber. In the wheel well behind his spare tire was over $200,000 in cash! Last we heard he was given 30 years and is in the federal prison in South Dakota.  

Tampa Host Intl Gay Bowlers Convention

Pinchasers Bowling Lanes had all its bowling lanes open for an intl competition. The International Gay Bowlers Convention has been in the plans for 3 years. Four bowling locations were picked for the conventioneers. A lot of hard work behind the scenes took place to land this GLBT international event. Over 800 around the world bowlers registered and participated while an additional 2000 friends came to cheer them on and visit Tampa Bay.

What a kick off ceremony having a “bowl off ” with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Tampa City Councilwoman Lisa Montelione with Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor officiating. Great form Mr. Mayor!

It was a packed GaYBOR week!. Kudos to the GLBT Bowlers.

Dishing-pic1GaYBOR Member(s) of the Week

Mike Olds and Scott Weichman

Mike and Scott are wo guys that work very hard for the community and for GaYBOR. They are also a couple that moved into  and have invested in Ybor City and the businesses and organizations to make things happen. Both are BIG sports fans going who love the Tampa Bay Rays, The Buccaneers and Lightning Hockey.

Mike is currently the GaYBOR Resident Board Member and works in Hillsborough City Schools System. Scott is a computer airlines representative making changes on your daily air travel itineraries and plans. This weekend you saw them selling 50-50 raffle tickets at all the clubs.

Thank You Mike & Scott for your devoted work and volunteerism in GaYBOR. 

Mark & Carrie Nephew/Niece of the Week

Dishing-pic2Meagan Linley

We are both very proud uncle this week! Our niece Miss Meagan, is graduating from the prestigious Savannah College of Art Design (SCAD). Her Fine Arts degree is in cloth manufacturing, design and implementation. We might be a little bit biased, but her portfolio is very impressive. Anybody who hires her will be very lucky. We cannot wait to see her sooner than later again.