Baby, it’s cold outside. Luckily, the heat on gay dance floors shows no sign of cooling down.  Clubs are working overtime to keep their rooms hot and sweaty this season.  Here are the top scorchers being played now.

beat_tony“Planet XL (That’s How We Do)”

Tony Moran

TanMan Music

The latest booty bopper from the veteran producer and DJ was originally conceived as an anthem for the NYC dance floor. However, with its pounding groove and soaring vocals courtesy of Deborah Cooper, it has extended well beyond the Big Apple, filling floors from Amsterdam, San Francisco, LA, Brazil and all around the world. As expected, Moran’s production is hard and driving, literally propelling Cooper’s already powerful vocals into the stratosphere. The NYC mix of the track is a bit more peak hour while the sinister 6KU mix is best suited for after hour clubs. With “That’s How We Do”, Tony Moran proves his patented NYC sound has no boundaries.

beat_kimberly“With You”

Kimberly Davis

D1 Music

Few labels cross that line between Soulful and Jackin’ House the way D1 Music consistently manages to do and has done once again in their latest track featuring the vocals of Kimberly Davis. The Soulbeats extended remix of the song is a fantastic shake ‘n’ bake of disco and funk with a bassline hook that hits in the hips and a shuffle far more complex than typically heard in clubs these days. Paul Goodyear’s remix forces hands in the air while DJ Escape and Tony Collucio’s darker take on the track sweeps fans into the afterhours.  What really makes this a crossover threat isn’t some appeal to commercial interests but the degree of quality: the bassline, drums and overall programming is vastly superior to 99% of dance floor fodder – and Davis’ vocals are beyond compare.

beat_solo“The Remixes”

Raph Solo

Angel King Music

Fans of the brawny crooner will love this brand new collection of remixes that includes a high-speed version of Solo’s smash from last fall, “Brand New Dime”.  Also featured are remixes of “Finally” and the sexy club favorite, “Manimal”.  A particular standout is the Club Junkies mix of Solo’s first track from his soon to be released Am I Too Much? Album. “Glass of Wine” is a vibrantly lush pop track that Solo says he was inspired to write after breaking up with a man he intended to marry.  Sadly, the relationship didn’t work out but Solo got a great song out of it and Club Junkies expertly weave their massively funky, celebratory beats with his soaring melody.  Together, they create a track that is sure to get fans moving in clubs this winter.

beat_bisc “Love Sexo”

Various Artists

Peace Bisquit

This massive retrospective compilation from Peace Bisquit is a fun party mix that incorporates everything from gnarly electro and trap to anthem house and disco madness. The set premieres exclusive gems from a wide smorgasbord of fierce talent including Grammy winners Mya and Angie Stone.  There’s also Ultra Nate, Carmen Electra, and Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child). We can’t leave out the gay faves: Amanda Lepore, The Ones, Colton Ford and Cazwell who premieres his “Helen Keller” track that twink ragers will lose their shit over.   Peace Bisquit, the home to many of these artists, designed Love Sexo as an audio and visual experience with music and videos.  They deserve an award for this exceptionally well-crafted project.

beat_dottey“Love Story”

Jason Dottley

JD3 Records

The latest track from the devilishly handsome actor from TV’s Sordid Lives is a slice of 80’s pop, layered with synthesizer effects and emotionally compelling percussive touches.  Its message is equally as powerful, about being in love at a unique time in history when the world is finally beginning to accept two people of the same sex together.  Several versions are available but the mix of note is the adrenaline-charged remix by 7th Heaven who, under their pop AKA StarLab, tailored the track especially for dance clubs.





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