dish_banNephews of the Week: Peter and Enrique

You just can’t say one name without saying the other! These two wonderful guys lead by example every day. They have just moved to Ybor City. The next time you’re out, be sure to introduce yourself to them.

New Online!

Over 100,000 people have viewed our videos on YouTube. This week a light bulb went off in our heads. We went through the hundreds of our “MC FILM’s Dishing” videos and picked some of our favorites!  For your enjoyment, we have now posted them on our web site. Be sure to click “older posts” on the bottom. (

Reefer Madness!

WOW, who would have ever believed that the day marijuana would be on the ballot would be today! The cult favorite movie “Reefer Madness” was actually based on a murder in Ybor City. Back in the day, there was a shocking murder here. The person who did the killing was on drugs at the time. It was a quiet Sunday morning on 5th Avenue. The killer was the son in a prominent family. High on drugs, he took an axe and killed his mother, grandparents and sister. Then, dripping in blood, he went outside and sat on the steps of the south Ybor home waiting for his relatives to come and pick him up for church.

We were very lucky to have Sammy Campisi give us a tour in 2009 of the Tampa Italian Cemetery where the family is buried. Sammy passed away last year but his memory lives on today.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Our friend Donald was quite the HOOT! He was a die-hard Democrat with a dry sense of humor. One day we noticed there was a photo of then-President Bush hanging in his bathroom over the toilet. We were surprised to see this and asked him, “What’s up with the picture of Bush in the bathroom?”

With a big smile on his face Donald said, “Every morning I tell him, ‘You can kiss this ass!'” LOL, you just can not make this up.

New HOT Clothing Has Arrived at MC Film in Time for Spring!

The annual MC FILM underwear sale is now going on at MC FILM. Top names include Unico, dish_1Andrew Christian, XABU and Pistol Pete. Specially-priced, these undies are comfy. Frank Dandy Underwear has arrived, new from Sweden. They are refreshing, artsy and colorful designed boxers. Also, there are new designer fashion hoodies and a full array of new men’s T’s for spring, Ajaxx T’s. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and these are all great gifts for your special someone!

Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s

You can play bingo at Hamburger Mary’s in GaYBOR every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This past Sunday there was a special BINGO charity event. Hosted by the Suncoast Softball League, the house was packed. At the end of the night the group raised over $4,000 for pancreatic cancer. Great job, everybody!