richards_banWhen did you know that being a barber is what you wanted to do as a profession?

When I was in college I happened to see a commercial on TV talking about hair school and decided that was what I wanted to do.

How long have you been a barber?

30 years

When did you open Richard’s Hair Studio?

I was 33 when I opened Richards in 1999 15 years ago.

What made you decide to move and slightly change the name?

After 15 years the business grown in many ways, so we needed a bigger space. I totally started from scratch – a whole different vibe from the old place! It has great energy and the lighting and all the new equipment are awesome! And we finally have our own bathroom and washer and dryer after 15 years – lol! We serve about 99 % men so it made sense (we definitely do not discriminate against women coming into the shop) to change the name and market towards our customer base.

Tell me about your staff?

Working in a small environment you need likeminded people with the same morals, values and work ethics. So I have been very proud to have Dave Krombholz for 7 years, Bee Ho for 4 years, and Joey Brenner for the past year who has been a great addition to the shop. Our newest editions are Denise Christi and Jay Rodriguez.

What are your specialties?

We specialize in professional men’s haircuts, fades, tapers, lines, designs and color. We also give fabulous manicures, pedicures, waxing’s and sugaring’s.

What separates you from other barbershops?

We work as a Team and we want all clients to feel comfortable and welcomed when they enter the shop.

What are you store Hours?

We have set hours Monday – Friday 10-6 and Sat 9-5, but we are very flexible to accommodate our clients so most days we are in early and leave late.