Massa Spa may be a new addition to Wilton Station but the expertise of its staff has been well-known for many years in South Florida. Owner Zijing Short operated her own massage and spa business in Plantation a few years ago, and, finding that she missed having her own business, she opened up Massa Spa and hired a team of professionals who are as skilled and attentive as she is. Word of mouth spread and there are some days where she’s given eleven massages in SBS_Massa-Spa_copy2an twelve-hour day! Wilton Manors has welcomed Massa Spa with open arms.

I had a chance to speak with Eric Wilson about the business and how fast it has grown in such a short time.

Please give me a rundown of all the services you offer.

Massa Spa’s primary focus is on massages. They do foot massages, chair massages, and full body massages, and they also do facials.

What’s unique about the experience at Massa Spa compared to other spas?

There are other massage spas in the area but I think what makes this one unique is that it’s more elegant. Zijing renovated the entire space herself and her taste is impeccable. You get SBS_Massa-Spa_copy1something for all the senses there, hearing soft music and seeing the candles and smelling the incense. It’s very high-end and I think people appreciate that.

How easy is it to give a gift of a massage or a spa treatment to a friend or family member?

It’s very easy. They’re currently getting the website set up so people can order their gift certificates online, but what people can do right now is go to the spa and pay for a gift card, and the person who receives the gift card can use it any time within a year of purchase.

Do you take walk-ins?

They do take walk-ins. Weekday evenings tend to be very busy, so it wouldn’t hurt to call ahead at those times.

What kinds of compliments have you received from satisfied customers?

There’s one customer who comes back once every two days, because he had problems with the back of his neck and his shoulders, and he thought they did such a great job that he continued to come back so often because he wanted to keep the pain away. Repeat business is at 80%. So people coming back and telling their friends, those are great compliments.

Massa Spa is located at Wilton Station, 1201 NE 26th Street in Wilton Manors, in Suite 104. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. To schedule an appointment, call (954) 566-0042. For more information, visit