Shop at the Largest After-Hours Sales Event Ever!
Thursday, November 12 from 9 p.m. to Midnight

Adam’s Interiors (3900 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale) is a trusted name in the community; AdamsEvent_copy1people can expect stellar customer service and quality furniture at good prices. But can the prices get even better? The answer is quite simple: yes!

A number of special items will be marked down from their regular low prices at Adam’s Interiors special after-hours sales event, which is being billed as the largest after-hours event in the store’s history. Enter via the “secret entrance” starting at 9 p.m. on Thursday, November 12, and you will get the chance to see all the sales that are being offered: there are one-time deals, mega specials which will rotate hourly, one of the largest selections of merchandise ever, and fast delivery! Order your furniture during this event and have it delivered to your house the next day. While you’re shopping, enjoy beautifully prepared hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks. Customers will also be given a free gift upon entry. Take advantage of all the in-store savings until midnight.

To participate in this unique after-hours event, you need a private pass to enter. You can pick up your own in advance by registering yourself online at, or you can receive your pass by coming to the event and receiving one from a store employee. These passes are free of charge.

Hotspots Exclusive Interview

I spoke with Adam’s Interiors Director of Marketing, Jonathan Farkas, about this special event and what people can expect to see on sale.

How did everyone at Adam’s Interiors decide to create an elaborate after-hours event like this one?

hspots2Well, first off, we hadn’t really heard about a lot of furniture showrooms organizing these kinds of events down here in South Florida. I’m not entirely sure how it came up; I think it was just in discussion informally…but we thought, why not become one of the first places down here to have this kind of event? We got the ball rolling and all of these cool ideas came into play. We wanted to go for shock value and the dramatic, so I’m really hoping that this gets people’s attention.

Is that part of the reason why the entrance for the after-hours sale is “secret”?

Yes, exactly. People should feel like they are getting the VIP treatment because they are VIPs. They are taking time out of their schedule, whatever they would normally do on a Thursday evening. We’re very appreciative, so we want to go the extra mile to make them feel special because that’s how we view our customers.

1518Can you tell us a little bit about some of the furniture that will be on sale during the after-hours event?

Sure. We have a beautiful all-Italian leather sectional, which you may have seen in our advertisements. The price on that is usually $2999 and we’ve marked that down extensively, down to $1999 I believe. That is a phenomenal value.

There will also be a little dining table, shaped like a bistro table, and it’s perfect for South Florida because it looks great in condos and apartments and that’s what we deliver to mostly down here. That one will be priced very affordably.

Then the last big blow-out sale (among many other more moderate sales) will be for our Stressless brand name recliner chairs. They are world-renowned for being some of the most comfortable chairs in the world.

Out of all the different items that will be on sale, which one is your favorite?

The Stressless chairs that I mentioned, hands-down. The American Orthopedic Association gives its seal of approval to this chair, and they don’t put their names on products all the time, so you know right there that it’s a quality product.

logoAnother notable thing about Stressless chairs, especially as they relate to this sale, is that there’s usually very little wiggle room in discounting them, but every so often, like now, we are able to offer a good discount, and that’s something I’m sure people will love.

Adam’s Interiors’ regular showroom hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Friday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. For more information about Adam’s Interiors, visit their website at If you have any questions, call them at (954) 491-2326.