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The Dems are always ready to dump one of their own. The GOP stand behind every child molester and every harasser, including POTUS. As unpleasant as it is to face, that’s political suicide.

-Bette Midler on Twitter regarding the forced retirement of Dem. Senator Al Franken.

Marriage equality law passes Australia‘s parliament in landslide vote! Australia now becomes the 25th country to recognize #equalmarriage! Marriages could happen as soon as 6th January next year!

-London’s LGBT Hour talk show on Twitter

Who will step up and have the balls to hire Billy Bush, I wonder!

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen tweets after Bush calls Trump a liar regarding Access Hollywood tape on Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Equality and human dignity are what the cake shop case comes down to. #Masterpiece #OpenToAll #LicenseToDiscriminate

-Lambda Legal on Twitter as the Supreme Court began to hear LGBT bakery discrimination case last week.

Sexual harassment and assault takes away the victims power and voice, especially with men.

-Male model Jason Boyce on Instagram explaining his sexual assault lawsuit against legendary photographer Bruce Weber.

#metoo #mentoo #speakup #strength

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