You know that summer is in full force when all the biggest artists are releasing their hottest jams… so which will go down as 2019’s Song of the Summer?

We know the mainstream contenders.  Jonas Brothers “Sucker”, Sam Smith’s “Dancing with a Stranger” and Ariana Grande’s “Bloodline” are all dominating the airwaves.  But what about the dance floor? Here are some of the top singles vying for 2019’s club song of the summer.

“Love or Drugs”
The Glee veteran takes on Hollywood in this industrial pop record about the rusty underbelly of Tinseltown.  The song is hard, edgy yet danceable and melodic. It is meant to be an anthem for weirdos as it pokes fun at the contradictions of the city of angels.  As Rilan explains, “Everyone in Los Angeles parades around like they’re famous and filthy rich when in reality, they’re broke, broken and looking to fill the void with a person or poison.”  “Love or Drugs” was co-written with Krysta Youngs and produced by Davy Nathan with additional electronic production by Cory Enemy and Lexoskeleton. 

“A Deeper Love”
Kendra Erika
The #1 Billboard dance artist unites for a fifth time with Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe on a powerful new song that urges listeners to dig deeper into matters of the heart.  It is the follow-up to “Self Control,” Kendra Erika’s remake of the Laura Branigan classic that hit the top spot on the Billboard dance chart earlier this year.  In “Deeper”, Kendra encourages listeners off social media, emphasizing the importance of engaging with real world people. At its core, the track is a lush, theatrical ballad with a mesmerizing beat that provides the perfect platform for Kendra’s impressive vocals.


“Another Broken Heart”
Billy Winn

The first single off of Billy Winn’s Dreamland 2 album is a heavy-octane dance number with a strong, relatable message about getting chewed up and spit out.  Billy has admitted in interviews that he didn’t originally intend for “Another Broken Heart” to be a dance record. Its original chorus was a midtempo beat. The idea to speed up the melody and make it a dance record came from his production team, Johnie & Elliot.  Billy ended up loving the faster version so much, he decided to make it the lead track, because, as he says it, “High energy dance is always a great place to get things started.” We second that.

“Ride the Wave”
Drew Schiff
Listeners got a taste of Drew’s sentimental side in his last single release, “It’s Just Today,” but he digs even deeper into his emotions in “Ride the Wave”. It is a song he wrote about the importance of leaning on loved ones in times of need. “There have been times I have felt I wasn’t strong enough to deal with a problem,” he reflects. “I’m a strong guy, so yeah, I probably had most of what it took to rise above the crisis but sometimes, when things get really dark, everyone needs that that little whisper of ‘I believe in you’ to help overcome what appears to be insurmountable.” It’s a beautiful, well-crafted song that takes listeners on an emotional journey they won’t want to get off of. 


“I Love You”
Cazwell is the O.G. gay rapper and in truth, he remains one of the best, if not the best in the genre.  His latest track re-unites him with Chris Bracco, his collaborator on “Ice Cream Truck” and “Loose Wrists.” This is his first love song and he proudly calls it “cheesy, corny and incredibly catchy, like a Bruno Mars song”.  We call it sassy, frolicsome, colorful and slightly off-the-wall. It’s a complete 180 from his last two singles, “Hella Horny,” a 90s house jam and “Weirdo,” an early 2000s hip-hop track. It features a quirky little whistle track that you won’t be able to get out of your head and Bridget Barkan, formerly with Scissor Sisters, singing a sample of the “Ooh Boy, I Love You So” melody from the Rose Royce classic. 

“End Up Missing”
Yanni Burton
Yanni Burton’s third independent single release this year is an inspiring summer dance track he wrote about the passion, lust, and excitement of a new relationship and what happens when it fades. Produced by Lars Soderberg (Lauv, Adam Rickfors, Black Eyed Peas’ Printz Board), Yanni says he wrote the song at a time in his life when he was staying out late, meeting new people, being stupid with friends and getting lost in dance music.  “It’s all about me being young and trying to figure out my love life and emotions,” he explains. It’s reminiscent of a Justin Timberlake tune. The music video is a must-see. It features a nearly nude Yanni Burton dancing in the middle of a steamy desert.

“Don’t Leave Me Now”
Has your summer crush left you crushed?  Dario puts his bleeding heart on the line in “Don’t Leave Me Now,” the second single from his Ascension LP.  It is an anthemic rock power ballad he wrote about a recent failed relationship in which he was denied the opportunity to say his peace.  So he’s singing it instead. Produced by Kevin Anyaeji (Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue) and Shane Facchinello (Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson), “Don’t Let Me Go” captures the battle and struggle many of us have faced after being kicked to the curb and dehumanized by the one person we thought we could rely on.  

Plastique Tiara

A fan favorite on season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Plastique Tiara admits she didn’t always feel so “Irresistible.”  Growing up in Vietnam, she recalls being shameful of who she was and living in constant fear of disappointing her family and everyone she loved.  But in her debut music single that draws inspiration from the confidence drag has instilled in her life, Plastique proves why she is “Irresistible” to fans today.  Executive produced by Hosh Gureli (Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton) and produced by multi-platinum, Grammy Award Winner Jared Lee Gosselin, “Irresistible” is polished, persistent, and has a heart of gold just like Plastique herself.   She describes the song’s sound as: “when you look in the mirror, and you know that you are that bitch”.  We couldn’t agree more.

“Super Delicious”
Megan Vice
Megan Vice continues to rock her own special brand of glam, sass and disco-infused funk pop with her newest single that is a little bit dirty, a tad naughty, and a whole lot of fun. Megan and indie pop priestess Catey Shaw came up with the idea for a silly love song about junk food from an instrumental made by Catey’s producer/songwriter husband, Jay Levine.  Megan then worked with producer Kyle Kelso to give the song a grittier kick. Megan’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and musical prowess are in full effect on “Super Delicious”. She says she wants listeners to feel good about themselves this summer and live their best lives to a really fierce beat. Thanks to her, we’re doing just that.