In Episode 4 of season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ru Tells the “gurls” to think globally and act locally as their mini challenge is raising awareness to the worlds declining Bee population. They have 20 minutes to get into quick drag, in their beehive outfits, and then they to shake their stinger to the “Beehive Jive.” 

The winner was Gigi Goode and she won $2,500, and another $2,500 was donated in her name by Hasc to

The maxi challenge this week is a Fashion “Ball” with three looks: 

  1. Lady Baller – sexy Title 9 realness
  2. Basketball wife realness – a posh look that screams your hubby owns everything
  3. Balls to the Walls Eleganza – a look they have to design and create. (Tons of  different balls and materials are made available)

The special guest judge this week is comedian Leslie Jones. The top 3 queens are: Nicky Doll, Jaida Essence Hall and the winner Gigi Goode who gets $5,000. The bottom two queens are Brita and Rock M Sakura with Rock M sashaying away. It was a pleasure to sit down with Rock M for this exclusive Hotspots interview: 

Q: At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

When I was 15 drag first peaked my interest. I also do Cosplay so I was doing Cosplay as female characters. Rock M Sock-em robots and anime characters influenced my first name and middle initial. My last name, Sakura, is Japanese for Cherry Blossom. The last name also speaks to my motif as I typically wear pink hair. 

Q: How many times did you apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race? How did it feel when you found out you got chosen?

I applied 2 times, and it felt so amazing when I got the call. I was absolutely over the moon. 

Q: Tell us about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

I think about it in 2 ways. It was one of the hardest arduous experiences of my life and it was also the most fun I have ever had. I will never forget it. It was so short, but I had so much fun with my sisters and the crew is so nice. 

  1. Is there something you wish you did different and/or is there a certain look you wish we could have all seen?

I definitely wish I had designed and made the first 2 looks from this episode, as I outsourced them and I feel like they didn’t ring true to who I am as a performer. I also wish I hadn’t changed my make-up in the episode as I feel I let my character down. 

There were definitely a couple outfit I wish you guys could have seen. But I can’t tell you which ones, but you will see them soon. 

  1. How did you learn to do such intricate anime make up? 

I studied to be a comic book illustrator and I also workrd in animation and character concept design for video games. So this make up blends all my skills together.  

Q: What’s your marital status? 

I’m single, but I am dating someone. 

Q: Who do you want to win?

I love Jan, and I am definitely team Jan as she is so talented, charismatic and beautiful, and I think she really has what it takes to be Americas Next Drag Superstar. 

Q: What’s ahead for Rock M?

I have always wanted to get into digital media, Youtubes shows. I am also going to be green screening myself into every episode I am not in…LOL!!

I am also doing a video of 50 ways to draw on your eyebrows. 

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