Raise the Bar, Set the Example!

After two months of shutdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, gyms and health clubs have officially opened their doors to the public. This is a welcome relief to avid workout fanatics, as well as for the minions of less driven, but nonetheless devoted fitness enthusiasts. The fitness industry like many other businesses must adapt to new situations and it will take time for things to run smoothly again. So put on your mask, pack extra hand sanitizer, and remember to practice social distancing when you go to the gym. Here are a few pointers/reminders for all of us concerning health club etiquette, especially if you have spent too much time in quarantine.

    1. Do not be greedy. Do not hoard dumbbells, machines, and cables like they are your own personal property. You may not have the luxury of circuit training or doing super sets anymore. Do your sets rapidly and move on so that others may work out too.   
    2. Have respect for your health club as a public facility. Treat your gym, the staff, and other members with respect and consideration. If you set the example of good manners and kindness, others will follow, and your gym will be a great place for everyone. 
    3. Stress cleanliness above all else. Sweat is a sign of hard work, just make sure you clean up after yourself. In fact, be sure to wipe down all equipment before and after using it. Use hand sanitizer constantly and wash your hands thoroughly before and after your workout. Wear your face mask if it is gym policy, and refrain from touching your face.
    4. Give social media a break and pay attention to what you are doing. Unless your workout is on your phone, it is a good idea to leave your I-phone and laptop locked away in your car. All calls and texting should be suspended until you leave the gym so that you can give full attention to new policies, social distancing-and your workout.
    5. Pay attention to social distancing which is still 6 feet between you and everyone else. It has been a long time since you have seen your gym buddies, but for their sake and yours, be safe a keep your distance.
    6. Be patient and adapt your workout plan. Be grateful that your gym is open and be patient. If there are limitations on numbers of people in certain areas. Some places will have to remove pieces of equipment to facilitate social distancing measures. Be creative, adapt to the new challenges, and take your workouts to a higher level. 


  • Enjoy your workouts and make your gym a safe, healthy place.  Loud grunting, singing terribly along with your music, and throwing equipment around carelessly are not acceptable gym behaviors. You can enjoy yourself without being a distraction to other members. Make the front desk aware of any disruptive conduct. Politely report any messes or violations of new gym policies.  


Tom Bonanti is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist (MA#40288) with his own one on one facility in Ft. Lauderdale. Contact with questions or set up a free consultation today.