Guy guys revealed what kinds of words get their @Grindr gears in motion in a recent Reddit thread after one person asked, “When browsing Grindr, besides aesthetics, what prompts you to interact with other members?”

Here’s a sampling of responses, edited for clarity: “Guys who say hello or say something interesting instead of immediately sending a picture of their dick and asshole unsolicited, even when my profile says to not do that.”

“Honestly, it’s one of two things: They’d f*ck me like a nasty slut, or they seem super-chill and down to earth without expectations.”

And, “Pleasant social interaction, when the guy can chat and has a sense of humor. Extra points if he ends up dropping some goofy lines that he feels embarrassed about after.”

Head over to the subreddit r/askgaybros and see more of what people look for in Grindr profiles.